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  • Schumpeter
  • Can anything stop Nvidia’s Jensen Huang?
  • He has become the generative-AI showman of our time
  • JENSEN HUANG is a man on a mission—but not so much that he does not have time to tell a good story at his own expense. Last spring, when his semiconductor company, Nvidia, was well on its way to becoming a darling of generative artificial intelligence (AI), he and his wife bought a new home in the Bay Area. Mr Huang was so busy he could not spare much time to visit it before the purchase was completed. Pity, he admitted later, sneezing heavily. It was surrounded by plants that gave him hay fever.

    Mr Huang uses such self-deprecating humour often. When he took to the stage on March 18th for Nvidia’s annual developers’ conference, to be greeted by cheers, camera flashes and rock-star adulation from the 11,000 folk packed into a San Jose ice-hockey stadium, he jokingly reminded them it wasn’t a concert. Instead, he promised them a heady mix of science, algorithms, computer architecture and mathematics. Someone whooped.

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